How To Add or Remove Users

As your team changes, you may want to remove users, add users, and re-assign content. This article is going to cover how to make changes to your team members. Note: Only Admins are able to make changes to team members. 

You’ll start by hovering over your photo in the top-right corner and select “TEAM MEMBERS” from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to a page with members of your team listed out.

Screen_Shot_2021-06-07_at_5.21.25_PM.pngTo add a new user, confirm that you have additional seats by checking the number of total seats and remaining seats. 

Screen_Shot_2021-06-07_at_5.05.17_PM.pngOnce confirmed, click on the “Add member” button and fill out the required information. Click the “Add” button to send an invite. The user will receive an email to accept their invitation to Talent Finder and set up their profile. 



To remove a non-admin user,  click the “x” next to their name and follow the prompts that appear. You can choose an existing user to whom you would like to assign the removed user’s lists, templates, and jobs. Please note that inbox messages cannot be saved and assigned. 

Screen_Shot_2021-06-07_at_5.16.19_PM.pngTo remove admins, you must revoke admin privileges and then follow the instructions for removing a non-admin user. 


If you do not have any user seats left and need to assign content to this new user, please reach out to your Client Success Manager to have this completed on the back end. You can find the contact information for your Client Success Manager at the bottom of the Dashboard page.


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